EU Debate NI | Consequences on Sovereignty, Freedom of Movement & Immigration
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EU Debate NI Toolkit

Remain – Professor David Phinnemore, QUB – Sovereignty
Leave – Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader – Sovereignty

Consequences on Sovereignty, Freedom of Movement & Immigration


Is about who makes our laws and the decisions that affect us


Too many laws and decisions are made by the EU. By leaving the EU, the UK Parliament can make decisions that are best for the UK.


Only a small number of our laws are made by the EU. Even if we leave the EU, we may still have to comply with certain EU laws in order to be able to trade with the EU.

Freedom of Movement & Immigration

Fundamental right of EU membership is freedom of movement of people.
All EU citizens are able to travel, work and live in other EU countries without any restrictions.


We should be able to control our own borders – who comes to visit, live and work in the UK. The UK has no control of immigration with regard to EU citizens. If new countries join the EU, their citizens will have the right freedom of movement.


It is a benefit to UK citizens that they can freely visit, work and live in other EU countries. EU migrants to the UK have benefited our economy and contributed culturally.

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